November 25th, 2013


Another Weekend in the Books

The Civic Orchestra went off beautifully Friday night, finally. It was pretty touch and go if the show would happen, first with the ice storm and then with the Concert Master falling in his carport and not being able to perform. But the show did go on - we cut his big solo piece and a second violinist filled in for his solos in the other pieces. The Maestro gave me flowers before the show and made a big speech about how I always look after them so well and how much everyone loves working with me.

Saturday was my day to do nothing, but the DICS got a call to come lay track for derby practice again. The venue keeps pulling up the tape we use to lay the track if we leave it on "too long" so we have to re-do it every single week. Yes, that is as stupid, annoying and expensive as it sounds. In their defense, this week was because we rented the space to have two tracks for practice, but still. We expect to be called to do it all again next Saturday. And next Thursday.

After that lonelydumptruck hung out with crownwench and I went over to see geolinguist's new apartment and hang out with him. We haven't done that in far too long and it was a great, mellow afternoon including a trip to Moosestooth for pizza and beer. Sid was over hanging out with lonelydumptruck when I got home, which was also a mellow fun time. We drank far too much, stayed up way too late after Sid left and discovered the charms of How I Met Your Mother.

Sunday was the final tech for the Brr-lesque show. It went so well we decided we all deserved to go home early and relax instead of running the first act again, which is always good times.