November 13th, 2013

Helping Hand

Derby on TV

A  local TV reporter did an article on our derby league last night.  Since it wasn't a regular scrimmage night, they just put out a call for people.  Bro, Boozehound and I were the only refs who came. 




The idea was having the reporter skate with the girls, but she was a bit Bambi on ice, so Salmonella took her around the outside and the ladies practised some jammer hell (trying to get through a pack where everyone is against you with no help or one person helping) and we just stayed out of the way.  After a while Knockers, who arranged it, came to ask us to pretend to ref. 




Bro immediately told me to use the time practising watching the jammer because, for those just tuning in, I still suck at jam reffing.  It was a huge help.  I saw a cut, pointed it out to Bro who said "Good.  WHY?" and I was able to tell him.




And then I skated into the cameraman.




We all had a huge laugh about that but, yeah.  Roller derpy.