July 1st, 2013

Statler and Waldorf

Ghost_Light Recommends

Highly, highly recommends:


Todd and the Book of Pure Evil


It's a Canadian horror/comedy show set in Crowley High School.


Think Buffy and Tenacious D with some regular teen comedy thrown in.  It's juvenile, gorey and funny as fuck.


How can you resist a show with an episode synopsis like this:


Todd and Curtis' prank on a small-endowed bully backfires when the bully uses The Book to turn his tiny penis into a terrifying cockmonster.

Ghost_Light Daisy

Rabbit Rabbit!

July has, arrived with rain, rain rain.  I am probably the only person in town not happy to see it.


It was a pretty quiet weekend for us.  Gumbo class went great!  It was just Randi, her Little Miss and one of Little Miss' friends.  Both girls were very well-behaved and had a ball.  Little Miss decided she wants our five-disc DVD player for Christmas.  Rodney stopped by after because it was just starting to get cloudy and he wanted to go on one more ride with the top off his jeep before the rains set in, so I babysat the gumbo while the boys hit the road.


Randi's party on Friday was really low-key and fun.  We got to hang out with Dad for a good part of it, and Rodney and Hilary came.  Jay has a tandem bike attachment and Little Miss insisted I follow them around the block, so I wore myself out pretending to chase them and doing Ministry of Silly Walks.


Saturday I helped Geolinguist with the chickens and a few other projects, then I took a much needed nap.  We went to The Big Lebowski with Rodney and Hilary, which is always a good time. The Beartooth was actually serving caucasians.



Sunday I had a tech meeting to go through the rehearsal schedule and show dates for Brr-lesque.  LonelyDumptruck sat in, then we walked around the Market to kill time until my Aurora shift.  It was the busiest night I've seen this season, which was a really welcome change!