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Another Sims Update!

The Endicott family.

Sorrel Endicott (love her!)is still a vampire. When the twins, Cassandra and Josette, got old enough, she decided it was time to look into getting a job. She landed a gig voicing the bored socialite, Vivian, on the animated series "Anything that Moves". The show was so popular some local kids decided to put together a stage version of some of the episodes and asked Sorrel to recreate her role live every night.

Lucy Miller finally had enough of family life and struck out on her own. The Endicotts wished her the best, but no one has any real hopes that she will survive a week on her own. Especially not when she left declaring her intentions of finding a day job.

Quentin Endicott remains a bit of a mystery. A local fashion maven determined his outfit is merely tasteless, not truly fabulous. The poor boy has been too busy working on improving his grades and taking care of his little sisters to even think about dating, but that will probably change now that he has left for college. He will be sharing an expensive townhouse with his cousins, so there are still family ties available should he need them.

Josette and Cassandra grew into very pretty little girls. Both sported the Endicott family shag cut before deciding to grow their hair long. Cassandra is a budding thespian while Josette is much more serious about her studies.
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