April 9th, 2012

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Muppet Monday Answers

Congratulations to softlywhispered and millysdaughter for being the first people to correctly guess a Muppet Monday Trivia Question!

The Muppet who landed the studio in the courtroom opposite Hormel Foods Corporation was:


Hormel feared that having an unwashed Island boar with a name similar to their iconic
canned meat product would tarnish the image of said...um...food.

Or, as the court records put it:

Hormel also expresses concern that even comic association with an unclean “grotesque” boar will call into question the purity and high quality of its meat product.   But the district court found no evidence that Spa'am was unhygienic.   At worst, he might be described as “untidy.”  Id. at 5, 1995 WL 567369.  

The Muppets won the suit. As the records put it:

Moreover, by now Hormel should be inured to any such ridicule.   Although SPAM is in fact made from pork shoulder and ham meat, and the name itself supposedly is a portmanteau word for spiced ham, countless jokes have played off the public's unfounded suspicion that SPAM is a product of less than savory ingredients.   For example, in one episode of the television cartoon Duckman, Duckman is shown discovering “the secret ingredient to SPAM” as he looks on at “Murray's Incontinent Camel Farm.”   In a recent newspaper column it was noted that “[I]n one little can, Spam contains the five major food groups:  Snouts.   Ears.  Feet.   Tails.  Brains.”   Mike Thomas, Ready?   Set?  No!, The Orlando Sentinel, June 25, 1995, at 30.   In view of the more or less humorous takeoffs such as these, one might think Hormel would welcome the association with a genuine source of pork.

Or, as the article I first read about this case in summed it up: "Hormel should be glad it was a pig."
Statler and Waldorf

Muppet Monday

Like many children of the 70's, the Muppet Show was my first exposure to certain songs.

This is skit scared the shit out of me as a little kid. All the hunters walking through with guns while the animals hid? I nearly cried! I still remember how hard I laughed, a pure catharsis under the age of 10, when the hunters came back with their real prey.