February 3rd, 2012

Geo & Ghost

Both Ends

Really long but productive week. LonelyDumptruck's back is doing a lot better. He even put in a couple layers of flooring before Rodney came over to work on the Brr-lesque.

I headed over to the real estate office to work for a couple hours when I was finished with The Misfit Toys. We are working on a huge mailout so it is a lot of printing, stuffing and stickering. Luckily, it is just the exact level of brainless that I like. Mrs. Real Estate and her daughter worked on it with me Tuesday night. I introduced them to Brainiac: Science Abuse, so one of Miss Real Estate's jobs became finding us good clips to watch while we worked.

Tonight I am going to see The Muppets with userinfoGeolinguist, his stinky sister and stinky nephews. Rodney is probably coming over to work with LonelyDumptruck, so life will stay busy.

Another Snowpocolypse

I has been snowing hard all day.  The morning DJ said to expect 1-4 inches but there is a winter storm warning in effect.  He blew it off as just looking  like a Friday out there.


By the time I got to work they were forecasting 4-8 inches.


When I left for lunch the snow was even with the bottom of George's door and it is still coming down.

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