January 2nd, 2012

Puppy Food Porn

Off to a Positive Start

We rang in the new year at the home of JDawgsPI and the Boy Who Kisses Her. Stephanie came by to pre-function briefly and then gave us a ride over. The plan had been to walk over, then Anchorage fell into a deep freeze again.

The party was awesome. Lots of friends, good food and champagne. Even Jay stopped by for a minute because he was out walking nearby. There was also a ton of fireworks, which I love. LonelyDumptruck caught of picture of userinfoGeolinguist with a super-sized sparkler.

Today we did very little. I played Sims 3 and LonelyDumptruck shoveled some snow. We made Scotch Eggs for breakfast, those were unbelievably yummy, and went for a very, very brisk walk around the block.

Tonight we went over to Stephanie's house and had red beans and rice. Yes, it is supposed to be black-eyed peas, but noone in her family likes them and somewhere along the line they decided all beans were lucky. Besides, look how pretty that is:

You can't fault anything that looks that good.

Stephanie's brother and nephew were there for dinner, then her brother went home, so Stephanie and the nephew made Lego Cars Cars while we sat and talked. Rodney came over when he got off work, so it was a fun and mellow gathering.


We rented skis for me on Saturday, and then called Dave and Krista to set a date to go out today, in spite of the fact the mercury went and hid below zero on Friday and has not been man enough to show its face since.

We fortified with toast and a couple more Scotch Eggs this morning, the last egg is hanging in the fridge in case Rodney comes over, and then called Dave to meet up for skiing. Krista, wisely, chose to exercise indoors because it was really damn cold out there! It was fun, and I did well, but I did not have gloves up to the task so I had to talk LonelyDumptruck and Dave into ditching out at the first turnout. In my defense, I did really well and I didn't fall down once this time. I nearly fell twice, but my butt never actually touched snow. This is a 100% improvement over the last (and only) two times I have been skiing.

The first time I fell so hard I lost my hat. I got myself back up again, but everyone else had gone on in front of me and, perhaps, had not noticed my fall. Every time I bent over to try to pick up my hat, I skied straight forward and directly towards a tree. After numerous tries and several minutes, I was finally rescued when someone came back to check on me and picked up my hat.

Last time I went skiing was on a romantic getaway with LonelyDumptruck. The ski resort had a very well-groomed little circle for beginners like me and he, graciously, spent part of an afternoon teaching me the very basics and followed me around the circle over and over again. At some point we stopped to chat with another guy skiing the circle and I think I got bored and needed to shift my weight. All I really remember was going from standing like a real pro to getting my skis crossed and needing to lift one foot to correct the problem. I lifted the wrong foot and, as happens when you chose poorly, managed to lift both skis and send myself completely ass over tea kettle in the middle of the remedial slope. I mean circle. It was so remedial there was no slope. Now snow up ass this time was a major accomplishment.

We went shopping after a brief defrost. LonelyDumptruck wanted to hit the Men's sale at Nordstroms and I happened to have a gift certificate from one of my sisters-in-law (Thanks Jenny!) so we braved the stores. I found an awesome pair of iridescent Danskos right off the bat, so LonelyDumptruck made sure I got them by paying the difference. We also looked for new button-down work shirts for me but 2012 appears to be the Year of the Jersey.

LonelyDumptruck was unable to find a good pair of shoes, so we slunk home with just my shopping trophy and made spaghetti alfredo. I'd forgotten how much I like to make alfredo sauce.

We called Stephanie and Rodney about going to a movie and went to see the new Sherlock Holmes. I think I am the only person who didn't think of a particular story when the falls came into view, but I still enjoyed it a lot. After the movie we came home to watch the Amsterdam episode of the Layover and try a strange hellbroth of egg nog, champagne and rum one of us read about last week. I'll tell you how that went over tomorrow.