December 24th, 2011

Between You and Me

Christmas Eve Confessional

I love Christmas Stockings. They are my favorite part of the holiday. When I was little, Santa left presents unwrapped under the tree (presents from mom and dad were wrapped) which was cool, buy stockings were the only thing you could *open* before the rest of the family got there.

I was a kid, of course, and impatient and greedy. My Grandparents lived about 2 hours away, my Aunt Meri was going to school in Eastern Washington and my Uncle Tony lived in Oregon. It seemed like it was always Noon or later before anyone got there, so all the presents had to wait. Except Santa gifts and the stockings.

Santa gifts were big and fun, but the stocking gifts were surprises. Sure, there might be a toothbrush or an orange in there, but there could also be Smurfs!

My parents don't remember this, but my favorite stocking was the year they filled it with nothing but batteries. I was in high school, so I had learned some patience, and I knew all the D batteries had to go to a present wrapped under the tree, and I was right, it was my first boom box. I told them about that a couple years ago and all they could say was "Yeah, that sounds like us."