December 21st, 2011

Helping Hand


We didn't end up crossing much off the to-do list last night.  I have Tuesday and Thursday afternoons off from the Warehouse of Misfit Toys so I can work with Mr. and Mrs. Real Estate, but they didn't need me again yesterday, so was able to work from home for them a bit and do laundry before making (what I hope will be) the last run to the post office.


LonelyDumptruck and I volunteered for a GIFT handout at Beth Shalom Congregation last night.  They had a big room set up with tables so gifts were laid out by age range and food stuffs on the other end of the room.  People came through with forms listing how many people were in their family and I was a "shopper" taking them around the food tables and bagging up the proper amount of gravy packets, dinner rolls, canned green beans, bags of pears etc. for them to take home.  LonelyDumptruck was outside showing people where to park and breaking down cardboard boxes.  It was great, but ultimately too much lifting and I was pretty miserable by the end.


Rodney's cat, Phoebe (Babo's girlfriend), passed away yesterday, so we went over to his house for a while after volunteering so tonight we should trim the tree, make cookies and all the other holiday things left on the list.

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