September 27th, 2011


At the Airport

Well, the voltage converter, earbuds and case for my phone were not delivered yesterday, as promised, so LonelyDumptruck spent today on the phone tracking the package down.  We finally got the call that it was in the way moments after the cab arrived, so we went to the airport and I got in line to check in while LonelyDumptruck took the cab back to meet the delivery van at the lumberyard, as though our earbuds were blow, but it all worked out swimmingly.  Aside for the case being for  the wrong generation of phone.


Check in was a breeze, so we had time to kill at the airport Humpys where I ate myself sick on fish and chips.  I forgot how finely they dice the pickles for tarter sauce. 


Now it is just waiting for boarding to be announced!

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