May 19th, 2011

Elmer Fudd

Stalking the Elusive House

We saw a great house Tuesday night.  It is within walking distance of our current place, but on the other side of Spenard and closer to the airport.  It is a nice little neighborhood.

The front yard is huge and a gentle hill with a number of trees.  It has a carport, which migh not be a legal structure and a long, curved driveway that could probably handle 4-5 cars.

There is not a big front window, instead there are a few smaller ones with very cool designs (window treatments?) around them that look in on a true arctic entry.  The entry is so obviously a do-it-yourself job it elicited Mr. Real Estate's favorite line "Forget about it, Jake, it's Spenard.".

The people who own it have not moved out yet and their stuff was *everywhere*  so it was hard to see what some of the rooms could be, but I will do my best with descriptions.

There is a gigantic front room which would probably be a dining room since the kitchen is part of it.  There is just a small island dividing the  space and the stove is part of that so you could be facing guests and chatting while you cook.  The fridge is on the right-hand wall, right next to the...washer and dryer.  WTF, right?

Then you go down a short, wide hallway with a lot of built-in cabinet to a second big room they are using as the family room.  It has a little wood stove.  To the right off the family room is a massive master bedroom.  Seriously massive.  It is not much smaller than the family room and the walk-in closet is so big it would be sold as a fifth bedroom in Seattle.  The bathroom attached is listed at .75, but it has a shower and that makes it a full bathroom in my book. 

To the left off the family room is the sliding door to the deck and back/side yards.  The yard wraps all the way around the house and is just fenced off at the carport on one side and even with the front of the house on the other.  There are a lot of trees and the grass needs some help but the size and layout are great.

Now, walk with me through a little wooden door back to the hallway and front room.  Turn left and there is a another hallway.  The front bedroom (nursery) is right there on the right and the second bathroom is just a little further down on the left.  At the end of the hall on the right is a strange little room.  It is all white, has great natural light and...vinyl flooring?  I think it used to be the laundry room but it would not make a bad office now.  To the right is a little tiny bedroom they are using as a man-cave.  The window there is new, I think all of them are, but it is not legal size for a bedroom.

All three of the bedrooms down the hall are small.  I'm not sure our desks would fit comfortably in any but the back/white room.  The bed my grandmother left me might fit in the front bedroom/nursery, I think it will but LonelyDumptruck isn't sure.  Lots to think about.

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