April 28th, 2011


Babo's Girlfriend

We are house/cat-sitting for Rodney while he is out of town for work. This means we go over to keep Phoebe the Cat company every night. Babo loves Phoebe. He emails her love poems every time I let him use my internets, but Phoebe is not impressed. Phoebe says "Meh."

Bill Masks

30 Days of Bill

Day #1: Your Favorite Play - King Lear
Day #2: Your favorite character - Edmund
Day #3: Your Favorite Hero - Orlando
Day #4: Your Favorite Heroine - Rosalind
Day #5: Your favorite villain

Day #6: Your favorite villainess

I'm tired and not feeling that great tonight, so this will be a short one. I have always had a fondness for Tamora the Goth in Titus Andronicus.

Three or Four seasons into our yearly pilgrimage to The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, my Edmund and My Orland were actually in a play together - Titus Andronicus. This is Shakespeare's slasher movie. Mom and I kept track, and I think 36 people die if you count the sons Tamora and Titus lost in the prologue.

The actress who played Tamora was picture-perfect for the role. She was drop-dead gorgeous in a cruel, you-can-just-tell-she's-a-bitch way. You could believe she was the ones who suggested her sons (My Edmund and My Orlando) rape Titus' daughter as revenge for what was done to their family. Plus, the actress was reportedly sleeping with My Edmund, so you can imagine what that chemistry was like ._0

When I was a senior in High School, my mom was mortified when she went through the trouble of tracking down a scholarship awarded for the best essay on a Shakespearean play and, instead of writing a well thought out Edmund essay, I went the creative route and based the paper around an informal poll of my classmates. I read the description of what had happened to Tamora's children and asked if they would have reacted the same way she did. Not even an honorable mention.

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