April 5th, 2011

Techies Please


I am getting "this page may have moved" errors from the web using my phone, LJBeetle won't connect, SK-LJ thinks this is posting, but it can't do filters or let me read entries....

Come back, LiveJournal! I have so much to tell you!
Le Tired

Lovely Weekend

Friday night we drove out to Eagle River to see You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. LonelyDumptruck played Charlie Brown in high school and I had never seen it. It was cute as help and community theatre in all the best ways - Linus and Schroder were teenagers and Charlie Brown was about 50. I love the theatre. It is a found space on the second floor of the building. The room is deep but a little narrow, so all of the sets were painted backdrops suspended from the ceiling and unrolled like window shades. I kind of want to direct a show there.

After the show we picked up a pizza from Beartooth and hung out with Rodney. He has some of the Trailer Park Boys specials, like the Christmas episode, that aren't on Netflix. We watched one that ended exactly where the first season picks up. I think it was the short that they made that led to Showcase making the series.

My improv class went well on Saturday. One student from last week was a no-show, but I had another new sign-up, so it balanced out. We played Scenes from a Hat, but it didn't go that well. Traditionally words or phrases are written on slips of paper and the actors find excuses to reach into the hat, pick one and use what is on the slip as dialogue. For example:

"I'll never for get what my Dad said to me when I went to prom. He said...*pulls out slip of paper* Look out! There's a Dementor behind you! I can't believe you are ready to hear that advice too!"


"I got a telegram from Scott yesterday. It said...*pulls out slip of paper* Look out! There's a Dementor behind you! That Scott is such a card!"

With the kids it was more: "This patient is very sick. He has...*pulls out slip of paper* Look out! There's a Dementor behind you! Umm...so that's bad." I'll have to work on that for next week.

After classes LonelyDumptruck had rehearsal for the shows that are touring to Homer this weekend. I rearranged work so I can fly down Friday, see the show and fly back at JustKillMe:30 in the morning on Saturday so I can babysit the class before mine.

LonelyDumprtuck's Valentines gift, the 4th season of Mad Men Finally! arrived, so we bunkered in on Saturday and watched that. LonelyDumptruck has had a burn on to try to make the Thai basil chicken dish we get at Bernie's, so that was dinner on Saturday. It wasn't exactly right, but it was damn good.

Sunday we went to the first offical Crooked Toad Tavern meeting for the year even though we aren't doing the Fair this year. We wanted to see people. And have brunch. LonelyDumptruck had rehearsal after than, then we returned to our bunker for more Mad Men. LonelyDumptruck tried to dress up my quick and easy stove top mac m' cheese recipe and, while it was great, it still doesn't re-heat well.

About 10pm we hauled our asses off the couch and went down to Koots. There was a special event, 3 A&R reps and 10 local bands for no cover. Our friends, Double Aught, drew the 11:00 slot, so we went to cheer for them and see friends. It was a madhouse in the best possible way. They said it was packed from 7:30 until the very end. After the show, we stayed up until 2 finishing Mad Men. It was hell getting up yesterday morning, but soooo! worth it!