February 15th, 2011

Zombie Circle

Shameless Self Promotion

I entered the lj_scribe one-sentence novella contest and my entry:
"The undertaker smirked; he could always pick his own handiwork out of the shambling hordes - the carefully painted pinks and beiges of the cheeks unmarred by traces of blue or greenish molds, the lack of maggots or beetles around the mucus membranes but most importantly because the moment the rumors of the dead coming back to life started, he was always very careful to stitch the eyes and mouths of his clients tightly shut." is here

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On This Day

This is the very true story of how LonelyDumptruck and I became engaged on this day so many years ago.

This was back when I worked at The Disney Store and The Lion King was the hot movie. We sold these big Mufasa and Simba toys that looked like plain stuffed animals, but there was a hole in the back of the mane where you could wiggle your fingers in and manipulate the head and front feet. It was a tiny hole, but I have long fingers, so I was Queen of the Plushy Puppets. I could make them do all kinds of tricks.

LonelyDumptruck planned to propose on Valentine's Day. He had it all worked out. He made reservations at a fancy restaurant and planned to give me Simba there. Knowing I'd have to show off my puppet prowess right then and there, he was going to hide the ring (his mother's) in the puppet head. Big surprise, tears of joy and a great story, right?

Well, that was the plan until I woke up at 2am Valentine's morning with the both ends flu.

It was pretty clear we would not be having a romantic day of any kind, so LonelyDumptruck gave me Simba(without the ring) so I had something to cuddle while he went to work. Of course, he came down with the bug a few hours later, but his act was to rent a stack of movies so we wouldn't be bored.

Luckily it turned out to be a 24 flu, so we had Valentine's - Take Two on the 15th. We walked in and got a table at the fancy restaurant easily, there were a lot of open horse-drawn carriages on the street, but we decided it was too cold for that. Instead we stopped at the grocery store to buy Valentines for our moms and we went home and to bed.

We read for a while and, just as I was getting secretly sniffly that another special occasion had gone by without a ring, LonelyDumptruck tapped on my shoulder and popped the question. He had to ask twice because the first time I just blurted out "Where did that come from?!!!?"

The second time I remembered to say yes.