February 7th, 2011


Good Times

Friday night I stage managed the rehearsal for the Civic Orchestra while LonelyDumptruck hung out with Frank, Kamala, Rodney, Jay and Gus. I missed Frank and Kamala, but got home right after Frank and Kamala left and Jay went downstairs and Jay had gone downstairs to get something. Gus peed and pooped on our floor, found and ate a coffee bean and Uncle LonelyDumptruck and Aunty userinfoGhost_Light got to be bad influences on little Gussy. Want to see how bad?

Saturday I had Drama Center classes and then went straight to auditions for Becky's new Car. Zod bless my friend Patrick who taught for us and badgered the director into giving him a couple of the scenes she was using for auditions because we got to rehearse them between classes. While I was doing that LonelyDumptruck met Rodney for brunch.

I got to come home for a bit after auditions and buy Beartooth for lunch to celebrate making callbacks, then I had a perfectly uneventful night stage managing the show for the Civic Orchestra. LonelyDumptruck was going to go to the roller derby with Rodney, but he started coming down with the crud and opted to stay in.

Today we had a choice between rehearsing for the Brr-lesque between 9 and 11 or 11 to 1. Evil genius that he is, Rodney got everyone to agree to 9 to 11 by suggesting we could go to brunch afterward. LonelyDumptruck was feeling too poorly for brunch, his rehearsal and the Super Bowl party at userinfoGeolinguist's, so I had brunch (where the theme seemed to be Great Stories from Childhood), went home for a nap and made an appearance at userinfoGeolinguist's party before callbacks.

userinfoGeolinguist's sister is fostering a cat who userinfoGeolinguist, in a moment of dirty pool, told me reminded him of Mao, so I had to make an appearance just to see that.

userinfoGeolinguist, the fucker, was right. Foster Kitty looks very much like Mao. She even let me hold her until the Steelers made a great play. When the made a good play only Dave yelled and I was able to calm the kitty down, but when they made a great play even userinfoGeolinguist
started yelling and Foster Kitty needed to go hide after that.

Callbacks were...okay. I didn't really rock it, but I didn't do any worse than the other 3 ladies called back. At the end, I read a lot for the character role, which is what I usually play. I told LonelyDumptruck about the best parts of both the lead and the character part as his assessment is that I need to be in this show. I hope he is right