February 4th, 2011


I Am a Bad Babo Mom

Stir crazy Babo is stir crazy.

Lonelydumptruck and I went to dinner at Poisondartfrog and Monkofsilence's house but we left Babo at home. Chia Lincoln was watching Mad Men, but Babo doesn't like Mrs. Draper, so he wanted to go have some real fun.

Next week he will be able to come to rehearsal with me, so that should make for a happier Babo.
Ghost_Light Hamlet


1. What are you doing tonight?

2. Do you watch the Superbowl for the game or the commercials?

3. Who do you think will win on Sunday?

LJ Sports

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

The San Francisco manifestresss beat the Arizona yendis in overtime when the manifestresss kicker stagefocus hit a 50 yard field goal!

The New York penghuins wiped out the Dallas solitarycheles when solitarycheles' quarterback notthesamegirl got hurt in the first half.

The Seattle dramamas beat the Baltimore onegroovy_chicks when referee 20hrsinamerica made that controversial pass interference call.

The underdog Detroit lallis_follys shocked the favored Green Bay lissafays by three touchdowns!

Of course the Oakland stauquins couldn't beat the Miami friday82s. The stauquins old owner impetusofadream has gone senile!

The Carolina queendiskos would probably have beaten the Indianapolis raven89s if the queendiskos star player dreadedcandiru2 hadn't been arrested for all those charges last weekend in Las Vegas.

The Pittsburgh scooterpbakess lost in overtime to the Cinncinati bulldog_aks because referee sanguine_zephyr didn't correctly hear the call on the overtime coin flip.

The skinny is that the Cleveland luxxfadeds only lost to the Kansas City layrenelements so badly because the players partied so hard the night before.

The Tennessee dark_jaguars would have less media distractions if star quarterback art_fumes's celebrity marriage to rock star tacowerewolf wasn't in the news all the time!

Sunday Sunday Sunday!
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