February 2nd, 2011

Alaskans for Global Warming

Another Day in Paradise

We finally got some more snow yesterday. Just a couple inches but still, snow! Of course it is supposed to get up ro 36 degrees today, which has been the way of this winter. Butt-numbing cold for weeks, then it warms up to snow for a day or two, keeps warming up until there is a good layer of slush and then back in the deep freeze, now with extra ice! *sigh* I want a really good snowpocolypse so I can have a guilt-free snow day. Did you know I have lived in Alaska for about 15 years and I've only seen one blizzard?

I am house managing two school shows again this morning. The performance is a one-woman show about Harriet Tubman. I got to meet the actress yesterday and she is incredibly nice. I had a great crew of ushered yesterday too. They were all sitting on the benches across the lobby from my station and, when I tried to gather them up for orientation, I was met with moans of "No! You come to us! We're old!"

That is about the news here. So thrilling.

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Little Miss Giggles


This may only be funny to those who have done or heard a post -show Q-&-A with students but...

Part of house managing the show has been getting to cue the actress playing Harriet Tubman for her first entrance. I get to feel all stage manager-y.


Just as the executive director of the company who brought up the show was telling the kids that there would be a Q-&-A after the performance, the actress turned to me and says in an overly-eager tone "How old are you?"

I replied gleefully "How long did it take you learn all those LINES?"

And we giggled madly.

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