November 30th, 2010

Real Kids

Words of Wisdom

There is a gang of 4-year-olds in the next youth theatre show. One of the backstage jobs I've assigned myself is waking them to and from the greenroom.

Last night, out of the clear blue sky, one of them looked up at me and said:

"When I grow up and lose my job I'll lose everything, but I'll be okay because I won't be a doctor anymore but then I'll be an ice skater."

Here It Comes

We were supposed to have an open rehearsal for a group of UAA students at Cyrano's tonight but it fell through thanks to logistics. Then we got the idea of taking the show to them. The professor is over the moon that we are coming, but warns there might not be much of an audience. We won't have costumes, we have only a handful of props and I put everyone back on book for the show. I am nervous and giddy. I hope people come. I hope they like it.