November 14th, 2010


Brain Dump

I am officially sick. I lost my voice while I was House Managing last night. Such a treat. I have rehearsal tonight too. Last time I lost my voice I was directing A Christmas Story. My stage manager made a show of duct taping my mouth closed so I wouldn't try to talk too much, but we had to cut a hole in it so I could drink my Diet Coke. I keep threatening that I'm just going to text the actors notes while they go through the scene tonight. Can't you see it? *Beepbeep* "Stop sucking!" :)

The nephew turns 4 tomorrow so LonelyDumptruck went to breakfast and then I completely wore myself out shopping for toys. We only went to one store, but there was way too much cool stuff to look at, way too much! It reminded me of when my mom told me that, when I was a baby, she and dad would have a couple drinks and play with my toys after I went to sleep.

I bought another box of Christmas cards. Since I've been collecting addresses I suppose it's time to avoid doing real work by watching something on TV and actually writing a few cards.