November 9th, 2010

Ghost Light

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M.journal has eaten every post I have tried today!

1. What time do you get up this morning?

2. Are you watching the interview with Bush tonight?

3. What do you want?
Alaskans for Global Warming

Ya Know...

I love watching the sunset. Especially when it is all gold and pink light breaking through grey clouds and making the snow in the trees shimmer.

Just not at 4:30 in the fucking afternoon!!!
Good Director


Rehearsals are going swimmingly (knock wood)! I have an amazing cast who is willing to try anything, is already going overboard for laughs and is not afraid to tell me when something is not going to work.

I am missing one actor because she is in another show, but the stage manager is her boyfriend so I know she is getting her notes. He brought her son to rehearsal last night. He is a good kid and has a handheld game so we might as well have been on the moon for all he cared about us.
After we'd been rehearing a bit my SM nudged me and whispered "I think you have a hit on your hands."

I looked over and, not only had the kid put down his game to watch, he was so rapt he'd crept into the onstage area.

I love my show!