October 30th, 2010

Stunt Double

State of the Ghost_Light

Well, I opened my mouth and I'm up to 5 part-time jobs.

The Big Boss at The Warehouse of Misfit Toys called. They are getting behind on data entry again. He asked me to come in for a couple hours a day a couple times a week. Tuesday was my first day back. It was actually nice, all of the good parts with none of the bullshit. People were happy to see me. Almost everyone who quits ends up back with the Misfit Toys at some point and one of the guys who came back a few months before I quit greeted me with "Wow! That was a long vacation!"

The Brr-lesque went very well last night. I was is a shitty mood going in, but that was all my lack or prior planning. Everything that could get fucked up was not only fucked up but fucked right in the ear there for a while. I bought new heels a couple nights ago and fangs, since I am the Trampire. Last night I finally decided to go buy the corset I've been eying all month, then I changed my mind and didn't even try it on because of the price tag. Then the combination of LonelyDumptruck encouraging me to just buy the thing already and realizing the price probably included the matching cape and skirt sent me back to try it on. It took two people to get me into it, but I was in love, so I bought it.

Then I ripped a hole in my stockings with the rhinestones down the back seam. And one of my new heels broke putting it on the first time. And without the added height of the heels the cape I borrowed was so long that I spent the first hour telling people they were standing on my cape even when they were five feet away from me. And I realized the skirt was not going to fall the way my old reliable skirt does so one bit would be a little too risque even with my spanky pants. And I forgot to put my fangs in. And the corset wouldn't stay zipped up because the zipper bent. And we had some light and sound gremlins.

But you know what? The show was fucking amazing and the audience loved me.

I get staked in the last scene, being a trampire and all, so I have an elaborate death where I fling myself all over the stage. I kept putting out an arm asking for help from each part of the audience and, when no one would help me, I flipped them all off and just fell over. A bunch of my cohorts at the Warehouse of Misfit Toys were there, so Tuesday will be a fun day when I go in to work.

We had the first reading of This Is Where We Came In today. It was so awesome I actually got teared up twice. The theatre has so many things going on we might be rehearsing in my living room this week, but the show is going to be marvelous.

Also, my computer picked up another nasty virus. Basically all we could do was turn it off. LonelyDumptruck's picked today to reject its video card. He got it working again, but the screen is a bit headache inducing. I do have my phone, I just probably will not be reading a much for a while.

That's about life here. How are you?