October 27th, 2010



As a few of you know, I have only been driving for a few years. George is my first car.

Yesterday I pulled up in front of the theatre for auditions and I had to parallel park. Not one of my best skills, but I managed. George's ass was hanging out a bit, but not enough to matter.

As I get out of the car, I glance at the restaurant across the street. Two guys are standing in the window holding up little placards reading "3".
Stunt Double


I survived the shows over the weekend. My last show was good, not their best. My Littlest Actor discovered that if he pinched the girls during a scene there wasn't a whole lot they could do about it, so that's how he spent his final performance *facepalm*

Auditions on Monday went very well. I had 16 people turn up and I love my cast already. I haven't even told them they are my cast yet. :)

We're ramping up for the Brr-lesque on Friday and Saturday. The Dirty Little Comics wrote another Halloween serial. Last year it was The Dirty Little Comics Meet the Mummy and this year is The Dirty Little Comics Vs. the Trampire. I get to talk! I also have to find fangs. And a cape. And lots of sparkles.

I should have done that, and worked on a directors' handbook for the theatre and cast my show last night, but instead I bought the new Sims expansion and I happily crapped away a couple of hours playing a new Sim and trying to raise his celebrity level. The other new game content is vampires. I am not responsible for this, it is all the NPCs faults, but there is a huge overlap between the vampires and the big celebrities in my town.