August 13th, 2010

Carpe Manana

3 Good Things About 8/12

Yesterday was a difficult day, clear until bed time I wasn't sure if I could come up with 3. Paperwork for ATY that I submitted to the school district went MIA, I had a 4 hour audio class to be re-certified to run the board. Here's a secret: I loathe running sound. It intimidates the helll out of me. I go back for 4 more hours and the test tonight. At the end of the class they mentioned this is the intro class, the class to run the board is next month.

But anyway, good things.

1. One of the ATY kids loved the Shakespeare shirt I was wearing. Woot.Shirt for the win.

2. Raspberry Wheat Beer and an Avalanche pizza at Noises Tooth after class.

3. Podcastle. I've heard some great stories in the last couple days. I will post a proper link when I'm at a computer.

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