August 8th, 2010

Le Tired

Big Tired Weekend

We went to see Cake at Mooses Tooth Thursday night. We really lucked out, the weather has been shit all month and Thursday afternoon the sun finally came out to play. The concert was great, everyone was talking about how much better it was than the last one. It seemed short even though it was about the 2 hour mark and they didn't talk endless like last time. There were a lot of songs from their upcoming album.

Friday both Big and Little Boss were out of town so I got to play my podcasts nice and loud. I love podcast Friday. We were supposed to go to a going-away BBQ for one of lonelydumptruck's co-workers who changed her mind and decided not to go away but didn't tell the boss. She went through all the motions of cleaning out her desk and when the boss comes in tomorrow morning, she will be sitting at the boss' desk wearing a ribbon. We ended up bunkering instead, which was very nice.

Saturday lonelydumptruck went to work for a few hours. I was going to spend the time beating my head against some ATY work but, by the time I got up, the boss lady already had the form I needed to
create waiting in my mailbox so I played Sims instead.

After some dinner and video games, we walked down to the annual Spenard Art Party. Every year they set up a little trebuchet and charge $25 to fire a decorated melon at a large thematic target. This year was The Spenard Voretx, which appeared to be all about how Spenard is taking over all of Anchorage. It was wild. I got pictures and video but I'm too tired to walk over and get the phone to download them tonight. We also saw a mama and twin mooses walking there. One of them was quite close to us walking home but, thankfully, decided not to start anything with us.

We were going to go to the first night of Brr-lesque Idol Saturday night, but Frank called while we were on the way to the party to see if we were up for driving to Girdwood to see the Grannies. Who doesn't want to see a punk band who dresses up like old ladies play in a restaurant? It was a really awesome show and I got the last tank top from their 2005 tour for free. I love having new under-brace clothes.

I house managed the opening shift this morning and lonelydumptruck hung out with Rodney. I planned to knock out the rest of my ATY work but I keep getting thwarted. First I left the power cord for the laptop at home, then the laptop decided to start acting up (it might be virused) and now my printer won't print one of the pages I need to copy for the school district to hand out on Tuesday. I finally just walked away and spent some good couch time with lonelydumptruck. He got Kick Ass from the brand new Red Box at the Quickie Mart. It was good but not as funny as I expected it to be.
to-do list

Ghost_Light's Week-at-a-Glance

Monday: Work and Rodney's birthday BBQ (weather permitting)
Tuesday: Work and ATY work
Wednesday: Work
Thursday: Work and class to be re-certified in audio for the Center
Friday: Work and second audio class
Saturday: House managing, possibly a friend's BBQ and Brr-lesque Idol
Sunday: NOTHING!!