July 22nd, 2010



Things are just not going my way. I realized I was so tired and rushed last night that I totally fucked up just about everything there was to fuck up on my movie post so I wrote a nice, long entry fixing that and my phone ate it.

Take 3.

Sunday night we watched 9.

Tuesday. How could I forget Tuesday? That was poutine day and then a herd of us met at Century to. Celebrate the birthday of The Boy Who Kisses jdawgspi with a viewing of Despicable Me. It was cute and fun but overly precious in places for my taste.

The plan was to go for ice cream after the movie, but Despicable Me turned out to be the War and Peace of animated features and Baskin Robbins was already closed. Frank and Kamala came over to hang out and we ended up talking and drinking until 1am
Bill Masks

30 Days of Bill

Day #1: Your Favorite Play - King Lear

Day #2: Your favorite character

I've been batting this one around in my head all day. There are a number I love and that I would love to play, but I have to go with my sentimental choice: Edmund in King Lear.

It's not just because of the scrumptious actor who introduced me to the part. I've seen several productions since then and Edmund is always the stand out for me. When I had to write papers on Shakespearian plays, I usually found a way to get Edmund in there. I love the fact he is so smart and so charismatic the audience follows him right along until he begins to show that is, in fact, a bastard by birth and nature.

My senior year of high school, we each had a favorite book and being able to use it was kind of like hitting a home run. Tiia's was The Jungle. Mine was King Lear, or course.
The morning of the test our English teacher was more nervous than we were, I think. He spent the entire time pacing up and down the hall outside the room. As each of us came out he asked only one question - "What did you write your wild card essay about?" I don't remember the essay question, but I do remember that I was able to write about the relationship between Edmund and his legitimate brother, Edgar. In fact, we all got to use our go-to book for the final question and our teacher actually jumped up and pumped his fist in the air just like in the movies when he found that out.

I learned Edmund's "Stand up for bastards!" speech for auditions but I was never brave enough to bust it out. Years ago I went to audition for a Shakespeare play at the University even though I wasn't a student. kornopolous agreed to come with me for moral support and then, about halfway through the bus rides there, decided he wanted to audition too. I taught him Edmund's speech from memory for the rest of the ride until a rather inebriated rider started to yell at kornopolous about being nice to girls. He thought we were arguing.

That is my ramble for the day.

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