July 8th, 2010

Chicken and Egg

Woza Em

My Mom's best friend, Emily, passed away this morning.

Em was a wonderful, formidable lady. She and Mom looked so alike they had all the kids at the high school they taught at convinced they were sisters. Em would never confirm nor deny that idea.

One year the kids thought they had the perfect plan. A group came running into the library to demand Mom's maiden name. She told them and they made a beeline back to Em's room to announce that they KNEW Mom and Em weren't actually sisters because Mom's maiden name didn't match Em's last name and Em had never married.

Without batting an eye, Em replied, "We had different fathers."

Em had a sea of nephews and nieces, but I remain the only one who ever got money from her when I graduated high school. I was simply agog when the first envelope with a card and cash came for me because "I had no IDEA you get MONEY just for graduating!!" Em thought that was adorable and sent me some too.

Woza, Em.