June 29th, 2010

Diet Coke


I am making a genuine effort not to be late to work (HA!) so - I present the answers. You ask the questions.

1. Avatar

2. Cheese Whiz and Saltines

3. Kermit the Frog, water skiing and a movie gift card.
I can FLY!

Weekend Review

The un-eaten version

Friday was the Crooked Toad Tavern cast party up at Lise's house. When I say up I mean UP! The place is so far up in the hills it is practically off the map and they have the best view I have ever seen.

The highlight of the party, hands down, was the special cake Frank and Kamala brought to commemorate his first year as a pirate. Frank played the ship surgeon, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Scottish Proctology. So they brought an ass-shaped cake. An ass- shaped which Frank got to cut by plunging two fingers into the appropriate spot. The appropriate spot was, of course, filled with chocolate mousse.

Saturday looked like it was going to be just another grey, slow day house managing the Northern Lights show right up until the moment a drag queen in a bubble gum pink power suit and curly blonde wig pulled up to the bricks between Town Square and the building and began broadcasting at high volume. Turned out the PrideFest Parade was going right down 6th ave. instead of happening on the Park Strip so the lobbies had front row seats.

Usually I'm a jinx when I work the Northern Lights show. There is never a 9am show if I open and always a 9pm show if I close, so we always end up twiddling our thumbs for the first hour or so and we never get to leave early. It's very unusual for daytime attendance on my shift to break 100. So, for all these reasons, I invited the ATY Ladies to come have an orientation meeting with me while I was working.

Between the Pride Parade, the World Cup Game at the bar across the streets, cruise ships being in town and plain old karma, I was *slammed* from Noon on. The ladies sat there for a couple hours and chatted while I dropped in on the conversation whenever I could.

I was so busy I didn't even get a chance to eat, so I was in no shape for the Brr-lesque class on twirling and developing a persona. I wish I had gone. It sounded like it was stellar. They even had a guy show up for the tassel twirling part.

Once I got myself fed and we relaxed for a while, Frank and Kamala invited us to a birthday gathering for one of their friends, so we went to Mountain View and roastes marshmallows and weenies (me in that order!) while all the hospital co-workers snarked about things like how many culture samples come from ass sores.

Sunday we went to the nursery with Dad too see what plants were left on their $.50 sale. A lot of broccoli and brussel sprouts, believe it or not. We got our garden unpacked and then went to our friend Vicki's Garden Party even though it was raining. Hats were mandatory, gloves optional. I wore the hippie hat one of the actresses at Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre knitted for me. monkofsilence stole the day by wearing a Viking Helmet.

Mommie and Eddie had just arrived back in town, so we went over to their house for a visit. They were already settled back in and cooking for their house sitters, so we joined them for dinner.

While we were at the Garden Party we got a call from Rodney. His Dad has been battling cancer and he passed away on Sunday. If you are so inclined and have the time, please keep Rodney's family in your thoughts.
Ghost Light


Reading all of the controversy about The Last Airbender I am sure, if they even bother to see the posts etc., that Hollywood is just scratching their heads and going "I just don't get it. People complained when all the magic-y cool people in Avatar were played by actors of color, so we cast white actors as the people of color in Last Airbender and they're STILL upset. I don't get it! What do people want??"