June 20th, 2010

Little Miss Giggles

Friend Wide Pillow Fight

Originally posted by devils_sidekick at Friend Wide Pillow Fight
Hi, since those Friend Frenzys that people are having are working out so well I thought that I should have a Friend Pillow Fight. This Pillow Fight is open to everyone, feel free to send your friends over. Let's get to know each other and hit each other with vitual pillows. :)

The rules of the pillow fight are easy, they are:

Comment to the Pillow Fight entry with a statement in the title that says something you like.
ex. "I like cats." or "I like apple-scented candles."

If you agree with the statement reply to that comment with the title "Hit!".

After that make your own comment to the original entry with something that you like.


Fathers Day

We all took Dad to Roadhouse for brunch and now we are at the Bucs game.

Happy Dad Day to my papa too!!

Here is one of my favorite pictures of my Dad and I together...