June 8th, 2010


One Weekend Down

We survived the Fair with only a little more sunburn and significantly less sleep than was needed.

All of the shows went great. There was drama, but a lot of highlights too. I got the Bear's picture with Jesus, for example.

Every year I steal the teddy bear from the Fools and Assassins' Guild and I take him around to all of the different courts, guilds and merchants. I collect trinkets from each, like a necklace, pins or clothes, and I dress up the Bear so people can see all of the places he has been and I have a little story to tell them. Our friend Andy came along with me on my afternoon run and he got pictures of the Bear posing with the Green Baron and his family and one with a patron who came dressed as Jesus Christ. There is also video of the Bear being wenched.

The wenches' song this year is called Dirty Girls and part of the chorus is 'We're smarter than you 'cause you're boys, and we're girls.' We rehearsed it with all of us around the mast but the directors decided it would play better if we were out in the audience Sunday.

During the middle show, a guy near the end of the Toad kept making eye contact with me, which is pretty much an open invitation to be messed with during the song. As I got closer, I realized he had his little daughter sitting on his shoulders. I couldn't resist.

When we got to the chorus I patting him on the back in sympathy on "'cause your boys," and put my arm around his daughter's shoulders on "and we're girls." I could hear her laughing all the way back to the mast.