April 22nd, 2010


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lonelydumptruck and I taught a brief improv class to some of the kids in the media club at his sister's school yesterday. It's part of a community outreach program where he works. Everyone had a ball! Even his co-worker and the teacher joined in some of the games. Zod, I miss teaching kids!

After work we met one of his other co-workers for drinks at the Roadhouse and then lonelydumptruck went to work on the Toad show with Rodney and I took myself to see Shutter Island at the theatrepub. I really liked it a lot. I watch a lot of horror movies and thrillers, so when we got to the reveal I couldn't help thinking about other, similar movies but it held together well and I really enjoyed it.

There are 2 shows closing this weekend that I want to see but I may have to choose between them and just see one tonight. I just found out Broken Lizard is doing a show on Friday night and I've been kicking myself since October for missing the Seattle show.
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1. Did you go to prom? How was the experience?

2. What is your favorite color?

3. If you could safely keep an exotic animal for a pet, what would you have?
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This Same Old Shit Has Got To Stop

It snowed again today. When I went home for lunch it was dumping huge, fat flakes that were just starting to stick to the porch. When I went back to work the whole porch was white and it was starting to stick to the grass. Around break-time we were getting flakes the size of half-dollars, I shit you not. I blame mischief_wa: she wanted to see snow while she was here.

The sun was out and it was nice and warm at 5. George's thermometer said it was in the 50's, but he lies if he's parked in the sun. We were agreed on the fact it was not quite 40 by the time I got home. George has become a pididdle, by the way, not sure when that happened. A co-worker told me as soon as I walked into the office yesterday and one of my office friends called the moment I got into the parking lot to let me know about it today. George is overdue for his 10,000 mile check up any way, so I'll just let them know when I take him in. I have to get the snow tires off by the end of the month too.

lonelydumptruck doesn't have rehearsal tonight so we'll probably go to one of the plays closing this weekend. Tomorrow is still up in the air.

I over-did it at work today. I think the weather is bugging me too so I'm going to give myself a break from the laundry even though I just got off my ass to be productive at lunch today.