April 4th, 2010

Peep Fear


For all the good little boys and girls who are going to Heaven, Happy Easter.

For all the bad little children who are joining me in the boat ride to Hell, Happy Zombie Jesus Day.

For all of the unaffiliated and undecideds out there, Happy Opening Day of Baseball season and Happy Chocolate Bunny Day.

And now, a public service announcement from Mommie and Eddie:

Beware of identity theft this Easter:

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Puppy Food Porn


So much to say, but here is the most important thing.

Lori-o is having everyone over for snacks and drinks. I couldn't decide what to make, so lonelydumptruck suggested we do bacon and yam-tot skewers like the tater tot ones we had at the bourbon tasting. I need to limit the amount of potatoes I eat because of the Sampter's.

Anyway...the first try was too wet, so lonelydumptruck did the 'squeeze out the excess liquid' stage. When I did it, I got a wet towel. He went all WWF on the yams and got a fine orange goo out of them. That came out too loose to fry well too, so then we hit on it.

Wrap the yam-tots IN THE BACON!!

Who wishes they lived at my house?