March 1st, 2010

to-do list

Ghost_Lights's Week At A Glance

Monday - work and rehearsal

Tuesday - work, OT, house managing a benefit for a local techie/actor who has been battling cancer.

Wednesday - work and rehearsal

Thursday - work and rehearsal (don't ya love stability?)

Friday - work, probably rehearsal, Kamala's birthday

Saturday - hair appointment, dry tech

Sunday - possible Breakfast Club meeting, wet tech (and who started that phrase? It sudden appeared last spring and has spread like mold.)
Pinky & the Brain

Pretty Spiffy Weekend

Saturday was the brace fitting and the near-death orchestra incident previously recorded. After the show we went to a friend's birthday party and stayed until after 3. By that point I was nap-jerking through Wii karaoke and insisted on some bed. Today we went to brunch with Rodney and Tina, then I spent some time working out internet rp while lonelydumptruck played Borderlands and finally headed to load-in/rehearsal while lonelydumptruck met with friends in Mountain View.

The rehearsal part of /rehearsal never happened. I was very sweet to myself during the load-out and didn't lift anything heavier than an abandoned screw. When load-in started in earnest, I parked myself in the front row and studied instead of throwing ribs out working a paint roller. This was not only the best choice for me physically but the best choice for the show. I guess the stumble-through they had while I was pitching myself headlong into violins was more stumble than anything else. While I was idling through the cafe tonight, the juvinille threw me a cue to which I responded 'Bu-WHA??' She just muttered 'God you are so lucky you weren't here yesterday' and moved on.

While I was buried in my lines, lonelydumptruck was at Frank and Kamala's waiting for Mexican food. I guess they ordered around 6 and around 8 the place called to say they were out of everything ordered. They made order 2.0 which arrived while lonelydumptruck was getting me from the theatre and I had a lovely dinner of mooch before watching the DVD of the Christmas Brr-lesque show.

It was nice to have a quiet night before the week before tech.