February 28th, 2010


Back Updates

My insurance company finally agreed to pay for a limited number of botox injections so I will start those next month. I still can't believe it has taken everyone this long to get ducks in a row - I had that nerve test done back in October and I'm finally getting treatment.

I had an appointment with Dr. Buddy yesterday. I've only had one appointment with him since the nerve test results and that was to work on the brace instead of my back. I hadn't realized it's been so long until Little Boss made a snide comment that Dr. Buddy had just turned into a piggy bank and maybe I should look into a different kind of physical therapy.

I really needed it. I had limited motion through most of my thoracic spine and a lot of disjointed ribs. He wants me to get back to coming in at least once a month, which I really need but had to stop for work. Little Boss was asking me to keep my appointments as close to lunch hour as possible while I was covering for the attendance-optional receptionist and then on the desk full-time.

I finally got fitted with the new hotness in braces too. I traded in the pelvic base with all the laces and snaps for "comfort shorts" so I just pull those and the entire thing straps together with velcro. He also changed the pattern to treat a classic left lumbar/thoracic curve rather than a straight pull-back on my shoulders.

Instead of a band going around each shoulder and connecting to the base on the opposite side and bands criss-crossed around my belly, I have one band that goes across my belly and velcros to the shorts, then the second belly-band wraps all the way around me and connects on top of the first band. Then one goes around my right shoulder, all the way around behind my back and connects to the shorts while the last strap goes between my boobs,all the way around my back and connects to the same strap. Basically it's pulling back my right shoulder and rotating my torso the the right while leaving my left shoulder and the lump alone. It's pretty fun. The plus side is I don't have to worry about things coming unsnapped or shoelaces hanging out of my ass anyone. The con is that there didn't seem to be a way to go to the bathroom without disconnecting the entire rig. I may have conquered that, though. If it works, I'll charge other patients for the secret to off-set the costs.