February 21st, 2010

I luv azurelunatic


Anyone else having issues with only being able to go back a page or two of friends pages before the 'nets claiming pages are unavailable? This has been happening to me all week.


We had a fantastic brunch meeting for the Crooked Toad Tavern crew at the Three Barons Renaissance Fair. I love these guys so much. We always have our first meeting at a Mexican buffet downtown. I always laugh so hard it leaves me feeling bubbly for the rest of the day. I was sitting across from lonelydumptruck and userinfoscooterpbakes walked in, looked around and asked if I was coming. Twice.

We were out at Frank and Kamala's until after 3, so we came home from brunch and had a short nap. lonelydumptruck went off to a meeting with Ben and Rodney to start writing the Toad show after the nap and I went off to shadow a stage manager at a dance show.

I'm supposed to be training to become the resident stage manager for a dance academy in town but I've managed to have a conflict with every single show this season until now and I'm on deck to SM their next two shows. I'm really nervous since calling a dance show is completely different than calling a play. Or so I keep being told. I wouldn't know so far.

Going today was almost a waste of time, sadly. It was in one of the studios at their school, which I knew, and shadowing was sitting between the barre and a wall behind a teenager with a light board segregated from the stage by a black curtain. I was at least hoping to be behind the audience. But.


While I was sitting in my chair, unable to see anything besides the center section of the audience and the dancers standing there, all coltish and nervous, ready to spring onto the stage, I saw a little girl go by who was obviously very ill. I imagine she was a cancer patient. She was small and worn-looking, with very, very thin very, very white hair and something implanted in her head. She was dressed exactly like all the other little girls in a white costume with wings. She passed my chair and I smiled at her, as I did to all the dancers. She alone smiled back. Then, right before she went on stage, she turned around and waved at me.

That moment made my entire day.