February 14th, 2010

Make Believe

Another Show Down

We had a great last weekend for Afterlife. With the review and postings from Facebook we had great crowds. Saturday was hands-down our best show. We were almost sold out and everyone brought their A-game. We even got a standing ovation.

Today's house was large but quiet in comparison. The director and costumer made us all gift bags that included one of her paintings and all the photos taken of the show. I'm really going to miss this crew.

The Brr-lesque went well too. I didn't get there until Boobie Prizes both nights, so I just ran the spot for the second half. I wore my last costume from Afterlife - leather pants and the corset I bought at the State Fair. I was too chicken to be up on the ladder in my fetish heels though. Maybe next show.

We've had a nice Valentine's Day so far. lonelydumptruck made crawfish and grits for brunch before the show and I have a couple gifts for him hidden around the house. We stil have to decide on what to do for dinner. I'm so glad You Can't Take It With You rehearsal was canceled for tonight, it's good to just sit after working and 2 shows yesterday.