January 2nd, 2010


Dungeon Crawling

I died in the Dungeon of Ghost Light

I was killed in a mosaic-tiled mausoleum by Dykewife the cockatrice, whilst carrying...

the Crown of Melissakmock, the Armour of Shiara , the Armour of Jennjenn71, the Wand of British Comedy, the Amulet of Scooterpbakes, a Figurine of Apeystar, the Wand of John Daniels, the Shield of Pookajuice, the Amulet of Changeling, the Axe of Thechef9, a Figurine of Cnewman1, the Sceptre of Alaska, the Shield of Capriuni, the Axe of Queencallipygos, the Sword of Kornopolous, the Axe of Halloween and 294 gold pieces.

Score: 272

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After 2 days of bunkering and champagne, I think I'm making up for it today! I'm going from rehearsal and a photocall for Afterlife to a pastie making party with Vivavoom Brr-lesque and then, hopefully, Overnighters. I need to start getting ready soon and see if there is anything I need for the shoot to bring besides my dress boobs.