December 26th, 2009

Christmas Story

Happy Boxing Day

Merry Christmas again, everybody! Now, the recap

Friday I left work at Noon and ran around getting all my last-minute shopping down. I was lucky as hell (I'm not going so far as to say I was organized) and home with a soothing Christmas beer by 2:30.

Our friend Andy is in the hospital and his wife organized a caroling party for him Friday night. We met userinfoscooterpbakes
there and he and userinfogeolinguist
joined us at Mommie and Eddie's house (lonelydumptruck's mom and step-dad, for new readers) for make-your-own subs and hot buttered rum.

After than we went to Vicki's house for her annual Christmas Eve open house and got to talk to some good friends. When we got home we watched half of Christmas Story and opened a couple of gifties before calling it a night.

Christmas day lonelydumptruck made shrimp and grits and French 75's. We finished a couple of movies and got around to opening gifts. I got half of Amazon's stock, I think, including seasons 1 and 2 of Fame, the first volume of the Illustrated Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and a couple of Discworld books. I also got perfume oils from Villianess Soaps (and promptly broke one of them. Luckily I have decanting supplies from my BPAL addiction so very little was lost) and points for new Xbox Games. lonelydumptruck's loot included socks, a couple of Xbox games and an Xbox remote which I have been hogging shamelessly.

Christmas dinner was roast beast and a White Elephant gift exchange at Lori's. userinfogeolinguist
and userinfoscooterpbakes joined us there too and then went over to Krista and Dave's for another holiday dinner. We went home to rest up and headed over for drinks at Krista and Dave's. There were 2 moose in their yard, one acting as an official greeter in the front and a second smaller one overseeing the dinner through the glass back door. Lots of pictures were taken until the smaller one kicked the door.

lonelydumptruck has rehearsal today and we're hoping to get together with Frank and Kamala tonight or to kill some zombies with userinfopoisondartfrog and userinfomonkofsilence. We should both work on our lines for the shows, but I hear those zombies are getting uppity and are in need of a smack-down. I also have some Sims 3 to play. Life's pretty full.