September 12th, 2009

Ghost Light

Start to a Good Weekend

I was very, very TGIF yesterday. Little Boss has been on vacation, so it was just me in the upstairs office with the Big Boss. I fucked up a few things, like not alphabetizing the checks the first time I ran the deposit, but I learned a lot and I left the office feeling very fulfilled.

I found Hextic on Xbox Live. Back when the world was young and you could actually play games on MSN Games instead of being led though a series of mazes ending with 'Now give us $19.85 so you can play games!' I could play Hextic for days. That was a nice way to unwind after work and I earned a nice number of points towards getting Castle Crashers.

lonelydumptruck and I went to Cafe Amsterdam for the first time in what felt like yeeeaaars and had a beer before going to see Dog Saw God.

Both of us really liked the show. The concept is the Peanut's characters as teens dealing with sexuality, mental illness, peer pressure etc. The scene where CB goes to visit Van's sister in the Home for the Criminally Bewildered was the standout of the show. I also loved Van telling people that, after CB and his sister burned his blanket, he rolled up the ashes with some primo weed and smoked it.

After the show we got steak sandwiches and watched Omega Man. lonelydumptruck hadn't seen it in years and I'd never seen it. It explains a lot about why I Am Legend sucked so much ass. We also got ourselves hooked on The Whitest Kids U Know.

We started out today with some Left 4 Dead and now lonelydumptruck is out running with userinfoGeolinguist right now and I'm going to pick them up downtown when they are done.

My big plan for the afternoon is deciding if I want to go shopping for new underbrace clothes or for a new skirt to go with the Brr-lesque bodice userinfoGeolinguist helped me pick out at the Fair. Yep, a lingerie store from the Valley had a booth at the State Fair.

Tonight span style="white-space:nowrap;">lonelydumptruck</span> is part of the reading of a friend's new play, then we are off to a belated birthday party and shearing for Dave. He only gets his hair cut once a year. Either gows or userinfopoisondartfrog shave his head on his birthday and he just lets it grow for the year.

Tomorrow I have rehearsal for Harvey in the evening. I'm really pleased with the show, just worried if we'll have enough time to run everything enough times between blocking it and opening!