May 10th, 2009



We got to sleep in yesterday. To the point that all I did the whole day was go shopping, eat dinner, SM and go party.

Today, on the other hand, we were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed by 8 so we did some Mom Day shopping, had breakfast with Rodney and now they are working on the script while I putter and plan errands.

I finally stumbled on a good use for my brace. The suit I wear for SM-ing the orchestra has no pockets so I have nowhere to stash my phone. Last night I realized I can tuck it under one of my belly bands.

I also discovered another downside to the brace - it completely fucks with the line of my suit. It adds just enough girth that the one button won't hold it closed enough to hide the bands so I had to pin it. That always looks good. I realized (afterward, of course)that the slit in the back is in a perfect position to show off the ties. Yeah, class. Another outfit claimed by the brace.