April 13th, 2009

I'm Jean Val...Line!

Monday Monday Monday

We survived the opening of the show. Thursday and Friday were both sold out and got standing ovations. Yesterday's crowd was pretty small, but that was to be expected. We did get a very thoughtful review which should help.

Easter was laid-back overall. We went to Mommie and Eddie's for dinner. An old friend of theirs was in town and he made a special dinner for all of us - 2 kinds of pork loin. Mommie has been really sweet about remembering I can't have potatoes. Last family dinner she made a bowl of rice for me and she let their friend know for yesterday's dinner and he made a parsnip dish with bacon on top.

I had my six month checkup on the brace last week. On paper, it still looks like my curves are getting worse, but that is only because we have managed to beat back the swelling between the vertebrae so much you can actually measure from the places you are supposed use when calculating the curve. Dr. Buddy and I practically did a jig when we saw that. In all my x-rays until now it looked like some of the discs were just sitting one on top of the other. I barely have the words to share how much of an improvement this is.

I'm still having bad days, but I'm feeling like I string more good days together. My lower back has been getting twingy, but not too bad. The lump has yet to leave my shoulder, but the last two Saturday mornings I've been wiggling around trying to get comfortable in bed and I've heard a huge, clean 'SNAP' of a pop somewhere in my left shoulder/back. The lump generally smaller for the rest of the weekend but a little more swollen in front after those. No idea what is moving in there, but any movement is good.

Tonight is my night off for the week, I start training to House Manage the big theatre with Spamalot tomorrow night.

Yeah, life's pretty full.