March 27th, 2009


Home again

I'm on sick day #4 with this crud. I tried to go in for a few hours yesterday but I wore out quickly. I also forgot one of my co-workers is completely germ-phobic. He works in the downstairs office, so Little Boss had to cover the receptionist's breaks and lunch. I was going to try to make it until 1:00, since I usually cover lunch, but as soon as the Big Boss realized the desk was covered without me because they didn't want me touching anything downstairs, he decided he didn't want me touching anything upstairs and sent me home.

I did need it, though. I went in for a nap and I was SOUND asleep when lonelydumptruck came in to tell me one of the actors was here to pick me up. He asked if I was going, and I took one look at him in his coat and said "Noooo."

My smart little brain told me that if lonelydumptruck was wearing his coat, that meant he was going to work and I already knew I wasn't going in Friday morning since the big Boss sent me home. Luckily I woke up enough to realize when the hell I was and ran out in time to catch my ride to rehearsal.

The show is going well. The director is out of town for a few days, so the goal for the week is to get the actors off-book. I'm really enjoying stage managing again, it's kind of like slipping into a pair of comfy slippers. One of the actors sent the script to Valdez to be considered for one of the evening performances so - fingers crossed.