December 2nd, 2008


The Problems of Driving a Little Car

You have to remember, until I got George I drove my in-laws' bright red minivan.

I went down to the PAC to House Manage an event and I parked George about a block away. Due to the crack monkey nature of Anchorage drivers, I park practically up the ass of a big ol' SUV kind of van.

I get off work from the PAC and I walk down the street where I parked George, singing a They Might Be Giants song and looking for my little grey beetle.

See the SUV, but no George.

I keep walking. No George.

I start to lean to one side trying to see around the SUV. No George.

About the time I actually call out his name, I am finally close enough to the monster SUV to see George sitting there with his head up the SUV's butt, just where I left him.

Yeah, some days I am made of win.