November 30th, 2008

Le Tired

What a Wonderful Weekend

I'm really not ready to go back to work tomorrow.

Thanksgiving went very well! We planned for 12 people eating with us (userinfoscooterpbakes, userinfokahteeyah, userinfopoisondartfrog, monkofsilence, Sandy, Krista and Dave and
lonelydumptruck's brother and sisters, but we ended up being 9 with more coming along later.

lonelydumptruck and his sister both made turkeys which were wonderful! I am partial to lonelydumptruck's cooking, though. He brined the bird and then cooked it with an onion, an apple and all kinds of herbs inside of it.

After dinner some of the guests tried to start a game of Kill Dr. Lucky, but userinfoscooterpbakes was the only one who had read the rules, so it quickly devolved into Kill Dr. userinfoscooterpbakes and included a lot of shouts like 'Ya'll can read the rules if you don't believe me' and 'I'm just going to flip the table over!!' lonelydumptruck, Sandy, monkofsilence and I beat a hasty retreat to the other side of the room to play a nice, civilized game of Magic.

userinfokahteeyah wasn't feeling well, so userinfoscooterpbakes took her home early and came back with a game of Risk. That was hours of hilarity. Everytime he went to check a rule on-line, one of lonelydumptruck's siblings would steal some of his armies. Good Times.

Friday I worked the day job and then did a shift at the PAC keeping an eye on the lobby for the big Christmas Tree Lighting. After that we went to a thoroughly wonderful birthday party for userinfojdawgspi hosted by our friend Rodney which featured an amazing monkey birthday cake and a game of Apples to Apples.

Saturday we got to sleep in and play games all day, then Rodney, Erin, userinfokahteeyah and userinfoscooterpbakes came over to watch Hancock.

Today I was supposed to go Christmas Card shopping with userinfogeolinguist followed by bruch and helping him learn his lines for his show, but userinfojdawgspi called to invite us join her at brunch with Rodney and Erin, so we shopped and then ate with them. lonelydumptruck was out skiing with friends.

After brunch I helped userinfogeolinguist with his lines and then fell asleep with my head on lonelydumptruck's leg while he watched Topsy-Turvy.

Yeah, life is good.
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