June 2nd, 2008


Catching Up

Sadly, the Subamino doesn't live at the house across the street so I have not been able to get a picture yet. My master plan was to get some shots in the early morning before work when no one was around but that has not worked. Every time it's there after work the guys are swarming around it like flies on....a Subamino. The good news is that this means it is somewhere in Anchorage and someone else may get a sighting of it. Keep your eyes peeled! Just for the added bonus, it has red sides and a grey/primer hood. Very hot.

We spent most of the weekend on site with the Fair. I always feel sorry for all the plants around the Crooked Toad when we set up. It's such a late spring, and you can just hear all the dandelions and little leafy brush going "Ahh...there's the sun! I can finally grow and sprout and *thud!* Spool! Spool! There's a spool on me! Agh!"

Most of the guys got sexy new pirate boots and rope sandals to wear this year. I'm starting to think I'll be the only one without a new piece of garb in the Toad.

Pain levels have not been good lately, but I think that is also how much I've been up and around doing things. I'm going to have to switch TENS units this week to the old reliable from the new broke-ass. Pretty much 10 minutes after the company called to get me to buy it outright the wiring went whack-a-ding-hoy. I thought it was the pads getting old and not conducting well enough but I was still having problems with only feels the pulses in fits and starts no matter how high I had it turned up (and boy are those fits fun when you go from 0 to 7 with no warning!) I finally figured out that if I twiddle one plug I can get the impulses most of the time, and I can get the other working if I press down on the edge of the plug or pull on the wire. not pleased with this situation.

Work-wise, I should have my July schedule worked out in the next few days!


1. How was your weekend?

2. How many books would you guess that you own?

3. What is the best movie you have seen in theatres this year?