May 10th, 2008



It is a gorgeous day out there

Asian Culture Night went *amazingly* well considering the disaster that was the rehearsal.

I have a cool new haircut and color that I LOVE.

We went to see Diary of the Dead last night and it was really, really good!

I have every reason to be out celebrating.

Instead I am working on a project for Wild Berry that should have been done last week.

All I want to do is RP


Your Score: Much Ado About...

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You Scored Much Ado About Nothing! First published in 1600, Much Ado About Nothing is one of Shakespeare's most enduring comedies, and probably his most performed to this day. Much Ado About Nothing tells the story of two pairs of would-be lovers and the hysterical events that happen surrounding the wedding. As Claudio and Hero prepare to marry, Don Pedro and his friends, bored with the length of preparation time, take it upon themselves in the meantime to play matchmaker to Benedick and Beatrice, two sharp-tongued would-be lovers whose love for each other is masked by the "merry war of words" in which they are engaged that both of them are too stubborn to lose. Based on your results, we believe you to be a quick-witted, light-hearted romantic who is probably very charming and charismatic. While your stubbornness may sometimes get the better of you, we are confident that you always eventually come to your senses and do what's best. You probably have a lot of friends and we like you too!

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