March 27th, 2008


Electricity E-lec-TRI-city

I got a home TENS unit today for my back. After the EMG yesterday, which first involved setting small bits of metal with little circles like battery terminals on parts of my hand and arms and passing currents through them until I twitched or yelped (and then long thin needles) and now this unit which is sending constant little shocks that feel like a phone on vibrate through parts of my back, I feel like I've signed up to be on Brainiac's segment "Can You Do Your Job Whilst Being Electrocuted?"

Overall, I'm liking the TENS so far. I had to meet with my PT to get set up with it. He's agreeing with Dr. Buddy, the places where I'm having troubles are consistent with where the curves are and the rotations that go with scoliosis but his plan is to sit back and try to make me feel better while the Doctors argue things out. He just got back from a conference where he asked about helping people with spasms like mine and has all kinds of great ideas and new techniques. I feel bad about being out of appointments but I'm not gong to be able to keep paying for them. He's not seeming to get that.

And speaking of out of time, I'm off to see if there are Brainiacs cameras at the PAC. Wish me luck!