December 24th, 2007


Home for the Holidays

We arrived in Tacoma just fine. Early, in fact. We had such a good tailwind one of the attendants actually made the announcement "If you you want to see the end of your movies, we suggest you start fast-forwarding now."

Mom and Dad are doing well. They have 3 wiener dogs now - Fritz, Heidi and Max. Heidi is very sweet. She spent about an hour asleep in my lap.

We're still planning on going to Seattle on Wednesday night. Capital Hill seems to be the preferred neighborhood.

We had Christmas with Mark's family last night - snacks and the secret Santa gifts. Lori and I got each other, as usual. I got 2 gift certificates from Best Buy which I will probably use to buy enough Sims games to kill my computer once and for all.

Speaking of Sims, I restarted my Legacy Family, in a way. I took the 2 kids I could remember - Racelette and Stilton and sent them off to a new town. Racelette's husband had an alien baby, which always makes me happy.

I thought I had more news, but that is about it for a sleepy Christmas Eve. I'm hoping to get the Wii set up later and introduce Mom and Dad to Wii bowling.