May 21st, 2007

Ghost Light

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Lovely weekend. We had rehearsal for the Crooked Toad outside yesterday. It was in a parking lot, but there was still sun. After that we came home, BBQ'ed and ate out on the porch with Jay. Somehow we ended up with nothing to do so we watched TWO(!!) movies (Stranger Than Fiction, which I liked a lot, and Prarrie Home Companion, which I found troubling in places.)

I'm driving to Girdwood for a school visit today and going to a play reading at Cyrano's tonight. I think we have something going on every night this week!

But now, on to the important things...

1. How did your family pets get their names?
2. Do light bulbs last long enough?
3. My birthday is just under 2 months away, is it too early to start my "I want this" list?