January 1st, 2007

Ghost Light

Happy Hangover Day

I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve. We had the Brrlesque Show. It was Mark's second time as one of the comedians and my first time getting to see any of the show. I almost missed it altogether. I'd talked about getting tickets, but Mark kept telling me not to worry about it. Until Saturday when I go a phone call "Ummm..have you got your tickets yet? No? Shit..."

Luckily he called me from a rehearsal. It all would have worked out anyway, but the producer was there and asked me to run the door. Of course, I said yes. Then I was told I had to dress burlesque. I did a good enough job I was ogled at the irish pub downtown. And speaking of that place, I had the best corned beef and cabbage EVER! I will never make fun of it again!

After the show we went to Mark and Melissa's party, which is always crazy and fun. They played Dark Side of Oz and actually got it right!

I was hoping to sleep in, but I appear to have a rib out of joint, again, and I just can't get comfortable. I'm going to get a pain patch when Mark wakes up and hopefully nap on the couch a bit. I'm just afraid to wear the things when I actually try to sleep, the adhesive can get slippy and I'm afraid I'll wake up with it stuck to my face.

And I am going to make some resolutions this year, in spite of bombing at them the last 2 years.

1. I resolve to try to post every day

2. I resolve to be better about posting my 3 questions

3. I resolve to read more.
Ghost Light

Sims Question

Keeping in mind that the families are in no way "you" just the surname inspired by you or your interests (as userinfogeolinguist can attest - I intended to make his family a gay couple, but the woman who popped up on the random "create a sim" screen was so fabulous I knew she would kick my ass if I didn't keep her, would you care to know who your families are and get a say in their personalities?