December 13th, 2006

Ghost Light

Forgive me, Journal

I have been so swallowed up by work I've barely even been reading lately. I've hardly looked at emails or comments either.


1. What is one thing that has happened lately you really want to share with me?

2. What one song has been forever altered by a movie for you? (I will never again hear Tainted Love on the car radio without pretending to bang on my horn in honor of Kevin Bacon in Pyrates serenading his girlfriend and jumping on cars to get the horns to do the "dah-dah")

3. What are you looking forward to the most this holiday season?

Bored again

So, we have a new game -

Who wants to be a Sim??

As some of you know, I occasionally get bored and make Sims using suggestion. This time, I am taking no ideas, simply "wanna be a Sim?" and I will pick a last name based on an interest (or something I know about some of you....muahahahaha). I will endeavor to post updates so you can guess who is which family if you like.

Who wants to play?